Speak with a Licensed Agent Now: 1-855-368-4717, TTY 711

Speak with a Licensed Agent Now:
1-855-368-4717, TTY 711

Joshua Pastor

Joshua Pastor

Licensed Agent

Joshua Pastor is a licensed agent with Senior Healthcare Direct. He is a “very patient person” and takes time to listen to his clients.

Born in upstate New York, he moved to Florida when he was only ten years old. Joshua is a “huge basketball fan” and at times has played five days a week. He first got into sales when he was 21 years old, working for a supplement store. He sold supplements to help customers achieve their fitness goals.

Joshua’s goal is to make a difference in the lives of his clients. He believes what his parents taught him – hard work pays off.

He educates his clients on the best Medicare coverage option for them. Joshua has the experience to serve you with five years in sales and awards as top sales associate and employee of the month. If you want an agent who will take the time to listen to you and has a sense of humor, Joshua’s your agent.


Joshua Pastor's Licensed States and License Numbers

National Producer Number: 19866093

State License Number
Alabama 3001262445
Alaska 3001402708
Arizona 19866093
Arkansas 19866093
California 4119759
Colorado 701113
Connecticut 002733400
Delaware 3001402548
District of Columbia 3001402542
Florida W734910
Georgia 3439235
Hawaii 539423
Idaho 864801
Illinois 19866093
Indiana 3698105
Iowa 19866093
Kansas 19866093
State License Number
Kentucky DOI-1146139
Louisiana 922627
Maine PRN389044
Maryland 3001402580
Michigan 19866093
Minnesota 40752910
Mississippi 10747403
Missouri 3001259715
Montana 3001402558
Nebraska 19866093
Nevada 3697341
New Hampshire 19866093
New Jersey 3001259676
New Mexico 19866093
New York LA-1674699
North Carolina 19866093
State License Number
North Dakota 19866093
Ohio 1374369
Oklahoma 3001259633
Oregon 19866093
Pennsylvania 996411
Rhode Island 3001402630
South Carolina 19866093
South Dakota 40603626
Tennessee 3001402696
Texas 2655454
Utah 864580
Vermont 3697640
Virginia 1249407
Washington 1112685
West Virginia 19866093
Wisconsin 19866093
Wyoming 472060


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