Speak with a Licensed Agent Now: 1-855-368-4717, TTY 711

Speak with a Licensed Agent Now:
1-855-368-4717, TTY 711

Tiffany Ellis

Tiffany Ellis

Licensed Agent

I was born the second of eight children and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I attended Kellogg Community College and studied business and early childhood education. I married my high school sweetheart in 1996. We moved to Florida in 2019. I was looking for a career change after closing my daycare of 15 years. Came across Medicare Bob and his team and liked their family atmosphere, knowledge of Medicare, and willingness to educate his employees. Senior Healthcare Direct is a family-owned, growing company ranking in the top ten agencies in the United States. I instantly knew I wanted to work for this company. They are honest, full of compassion, integrity, excellent customer service, and long-term employees. I wanted to be part of that team! My family at home consists of my husband, three beautiful children, three beautiful labs, and two cats! I enjoy shopping, nature, and family vacations. I love people and helping others. I like to make friends, and work hard, play hard. I’m honest and sincere. I would love to earn your Medicare business and will work hard to ensure you are getting the best value and the most benefits that meet your needs.

Tiffany Ellis's Licensed States and License Numbers

National Producer Number: 19109021

State License Number
Alabama 3000637048
Alaska 3001436284
Arizona 19109021
Arkansas 19109021
California 4116171
Colorado 663652
Connecticut 002736698
Delaware 3001036178
District of Columbia 3001436101
Florida W561941
Georgia 3293475
Hawaii 540948
Idaho 869874
Illinois 19109021
Indiana 3470795
Iowa 19109021
Kansas 19109021
State License Number
Kentucky DOI-1054470
Louisiana 904995
Maine PRN391124
Maryland 3001036218
Massachusetts 2158955
Michigan 19109021
Minnesota 40756185
Mississippi 10711663
Missouri 3001036361
Montana 3001035430
Nebraska 19109021
Nevada 3587341
New Hampshire 19109021
New Jersey 3000634716
New Mexico 19109021
New York LA-1678730
North Carolina 19109021
State License Number
North Dakota 19109021
Ohio 1322673
Oklahoma 3000634709
Oregon 19109021
Pennsylvania 911256
Rhode Island 3001464376
South Carolina 19109021
South Dakota 40606262
Tennessee 2452375
Texas 2436856
Utah 838373
Vermont 3707241
Virginia 1135798
Washington 1097636
West Virginia 19109021
Wisconsin 19109021
Wyoming 474589


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